We Talk About Online Dating Services

Internet dating is a big industry… and being single seems to be more and more common, especially with a 50%-ish divorce rate.

At the same time, people (and singles!) are becoming much more busy in their lives. They’re becoming ‘time poor’ and need a more efficient way to interact with more people – and hopefully find the one they’ll spend the rest of their life with. Online dating sites do just that: Allow you to be ‘exposed’ to a large number of people, while being able to slice-and-dice for just the criteria you are looking for in a match.

There are thousands of online dating sites and services – most of which are absolutely not worth your time. In addition, as time goes on, some of the larger companies in the industry (think the guys who own Match.com, etc.) are scooping up other sites, thus eliminating direct competition.

Here at the Internet Dating Review, we’ll review some online dating sites (and apps), and generally blog about things we find interesting regarding the industry. We’ll try our best to not serve up the typical sludge you see on most dating-related sites (regurgitated press releases and copy/paste reviews where every site gets 4 or 5 stars?!). If you do sign up with an internet dating site via a link from this site, yes there’s a good chance we could receive some revenue from that – but that won’t effect the integrity of the site.