Match Matchmaking: Coming Soon

While the details are sparse, Match Group head Sam Yagan hinted at the launch of a matchmaking service of sorts. It promises to be a more positive approach to matchmaking, compared to what exists currently in many cases.

In speaking with Mark Brooks of Online Personals Watch, Sam said the following.

We have a big announcement coming out this week in that [matchmaking] space so I can’t I can’t tell you anything specific about that other than we’re big believers in the value of matchmaking. Some of the matchmakers out there use negativity and scare tactics in recruiting their clients. They bring people into their office and it’s a really hard sell … you’re going to be hopeless without us, your eggs are drying up and and we want our matchmaking service to be positive and empowering and aspirational, and so you’ll see us make a move later this week which I think will do those things. It’ll be a great complement to the Match brand.

Stay tuned for a matchmaking offering from Match.

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