eHarmony Questionnaire is to Become Optional

I first read about eHarmony‘s upcoming major changes on TechCrunch. The largest of the announcements was that the looooooooong questionnaire will become optional.
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Tinder Profile Tip for Guys

What do women look at most when browsing Tinder profiles? Appearance (shocking!), and then style.

So, guys, what should you be doing – photo-wise – on your Tinder profile? A video put out by GQ that watches women browse Tinder profiles of men (embedded below) provides some insight.
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Grammar on your Dating Profile

Some are debating whether this is a “test” for the reader, but I’m guessing not. The old ‘your’ versus ‘you’re’ is a common grammar misstep, and one that many people will point to when determining intelligence, I would say. Put ‘their/there/they’re’ on that list as well.
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JDate’s “SEO Pages” Are Out of Control

Most online dating sites have localized page content that attempts to draw in those searching Google/etc. locally (e.g. “Toronto Jewish singles” or “Toronto Jewish dating”). In most cases, these pages are programmatically created and are essentially a large browse directory that follow the lines of dating profile parameters (e.g. pages created that are organized by city, religion, etc. and usually with a mix between them all as well).
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Christian Mingle Gets a Terrible Logo Redesign

Spark Networks property JDate has completed a site revamp, with sister property Christian Mingle about to experience the same. With each redesign, new logos are in order. Here are how the logos have changed: Continue Reading

‘Out of My League’: Your First Message?

Here’s solid advice, as swiped from /r/okcupid:
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Courtem Dating App: Going Nowhere

The kids over at Global Dating Insights (a decent resource to keep in touch with what is going on in the digital dating industry) introduced us to the Mark Cuban-invested dating app called Courtem. I’ve placed the promo videos below, which seems to describe the app fairly well — and shows us what is hugely wrong with the concept.
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BBM Advertising by Zoosk

When BBM opened up to Android and iOS users, it was known that it would come along with advertising. For example, in Android, your “Invite” notification may light up and it will be a “Sponsored Invite” – i.e. an ad that most likely leads you to an app download. You simply “Accept” or “Ignore” the “Invite”. If you accept it, you’re eventually led to the app download.
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The Steve Harvey Dating Site

As seen just now on Reddit, IAC ( has relaunched (or sold and are plugging – ?) Delightfulformerly a HowAboutWe-ish site. It’s now listed as being owned by “Mash Dating, LLC“.
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The UK Dating Awards: How Not to Do It

Have you heard? There’s a new online dating awards! Sure, these awards have been done before (with “nominations” being somewhat of a joke and YouTube-spamming affiliates (account now “terminated”!) somehow presenting awards), but there’s a new group in town now. Well, if your town is in the UK at least.
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