Match: What Can You Do For Free?

Inquiring singles want to know: When you sign up for Match, and don’t pay for a subscription, what can you do? The below is what you can do for free on Match: Create a full profile (and appear in search results) Search profiles Send “likes” Receive match suggestions So, you can get on the service … Read more

Tinder Profile Tip for Guys

What do women look at most when browsing Tinder profiles? Appearance (shocking!), and then style.

So, guys, what should you be doing – photo-wise – on your Tinder profile? A video put out by GQ that watches women browse Tinder profiles of men (embedded below) provides some insight.

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Grammar on your Dating Profile

Some are debating whether this is a “test” for the reader, but I’m guessing not. The old ‘your’ versus ‘you’re’ is a common grammar misstep, and one that many people will point to when determining intelligence, I would say. Put ‘their/there/they’re’ on that list as well.

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JDate’s “SEO Pages” Are Out of Control

Most online dating sites have localized page content that attempts to draw in those searching Google/etc. locally (e.g. “Toronto Jewish singles” or “Toronto Jewish dating”). In most cases, these pages are programmatically created and are essentially a large browse directory that follow the lines of dating profile parameters (e.g. pages created that are organized by city, religion, etc. and usually with a mix between them all as well).

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