Ahhh, Let’s tell you everything you need to know before you dive in and join Ready? is world-wide — not just for Americans!, considered one of the top (if not “the” top) dating site in the world, is not just for Americans, I’ll have you know. I once thought was only an American dating site, but no — if you’re Canadian or from one of the many other countries of the world, there’s likely a country version for you! And, yes, there’s real people on it?! is for everyone is basically a site for everyone — any race, any religion (or no religion!), any sexual-orientation, whatever – it’s a generic site that is for everyone. They’ve been doing this for years and are considered the premiere online dating service, along with eHarmony.

For everyone, but you can slice and dice to your heart’s content!

So, yes, is far from a niche dating site, but you can definitely set your parameters for what you’re looking for in a, um, match – such as appearance, education, career, religion, interests, etc. is a known brand — that means they have lots of members! is, pretty much, a household name. They advertise heavily online but also have ads on television. What does that mean for you? It means you’ll likely find lot of available singles in your area that meet your criteria!

What’s the downside of joining

Honestly, there really isn’t one. You spend a few minutes of your time to sign up and create a profile (and, really, if you can’t spend 10-15 minutes doing that then you probably aren’t ready to find someone to spend the rest of your life with). Then you have access to search the database of eligible singles however and whenever you want (oh, they have mobile apps, too, so it really is ‘whenever’). Also, you can send free ‘winks’ that basically say ‘I’m interested in you’.

TIP FOR THE GUYS: Don’t ever send ‘winks’ — man up an send a fully crafted email! It shows you have a brain in your head, and that you’ll actually pay a membership fee to meet women. As for women sending winks, yeah, you can likely get away with it…

Wait… What about contacting other members?

As mentioned above, sending ‘winks’ are free (it’s like saying ‘I’m interested in you’ but w/o saying much else). If you want to engage in a real email (or IM) conversation you’ll have to shell out for a membership fee. Now, these memberships range in size: 1, 3, 6 or 12 month memberships — the more months you commit to, the cheaper it works out to per month. The *good* thing about this system is that you don’t have to pay until you really find someone who you want to converse with. Your profile can stay on the site forever w/o you having to pay — until you find someone interesting (or they find you!). About that last part, as a non-subscriber you are told who has winked at you – but not who has emailed you or viewed your profile (you need a paid subscription).

By becoming a paid subscriber you are able to:

  • send/receive/reply-to all messages
  • communicate via instant messaging
  • see how has viewed/favourited your profile
  • remove profiles you’re not interested in from all search results

Ok… How much do these memberships cost?

If you want to have real communication (beyond ‘winks’) on the service, there are two types of memberships (and various time periods you can buy at once).

The “Basic” plans allow you full communication on the service, knowing who viewed your profile, knowing who favourited your profile, and the ability to remove profiles from search results . The prices are as follows (12 month, 6 month, 3 month, and 1 month membership plans — the one month plan is hidden below the regular table, but you *can* select if if you want): prices - basis membership
If you want added features and exposure, you can choose from the “Bundle” membership plans, which add the following beyond the “Basic” plans:

  • notification that your messages have been read by the recipient
  • a highlighted profile in the search results
  • “First Impressions” – your profile will be shown to potential matches ahead of “non-Bundle” purchasers Prices - Bundle plans

Is it worth buying a membership?

Well, I can’t say what is best for you, but you can likely get a good idea by searching the database of eligible singles (which is free!). Do you see a few ‘potential prospects’? Then maybe it’s time to give the site a try for a few months at least.

Now, not every one of those profiles will be paying members, so they may not be able to respond to you (unless they pay, of course), but if your profile is pretty kick-ass then they will, right? So, um, work on that profile.

If you need a bit more reassurance, actually has a guarantee for you. If you purchase a 6 month membership (roughly $100), they will give you another 6 months free if you don’t find someone you’re interested in. So, worst case it’s $100 for an entire year of unlimited use of – not bad. To qualify, you have to have a visible, truthful profile that has a photo, and you must email with at least 5 unique members each month during the six month period.

REALITY CHECK: One year of membership for $100-ish (the ‘guarantee’ price) is around $2 per week. Two dollars a week! You spend more than that on coffee in one day likely. So, an entire year of meeting other singles – and giving yourself a chance a life-long companionship – on a site that is well known and thus brings in lots of new members on a daily basis. Verdict: It’s a good deal.

About that membership plan you chose…

It *will* automatically renew for the same amount after it’s completed. If you don’t want that to happen you can jump into the settings of your account and change it. Of course, that means once your membership expires you still have access to browse profiles — you just can’t converse with other members until you slap down the credit card again. What I would do is find out when your expiry date is and then set an alarm for yourself a few days before to remind you to think about whether cancelling is appropriate or not. If you’re meeting some great people – even if they’re not ‘the perfect match’ – it’s likely worth having it renew for another period.

Sooo, I’m going to be spending a lot of time on my computer now?

Not if you don’t want to! has mobile apps for both iOS (iPhone) and Android devices. You can browse profiles and converse with other members right from your smartphone. They also have a mobile version of their website – so if you hate apps or are on another phone OS such as Windows then you have a mobile option as well.

Ok, what does it take to sign up with

Here’s the sign up process for – as started directly from their homepage. Keep in mind that the screenshots you’ll see below are shown for a Man seeking a Woman — and thus will differ slightly for other scenarios.

First off, select who you are and who you are seeking, including gender, age range and location. Homepage

Then, choose your username (don’t use your real name!) and password, input a valid email address, and select your birth date. - Choose a username

… and you’re inside! To view profiles and such, however, you’ll need to complete your profile. - Search results view
You’ll be asked to confirm what you entered before about who you’re looking for, and also set how far away you’re willing to look for a match. Obviously, the larger you make this distance the more matches you’ll have available to you. - Getting started

From there, indicate your physical characteristics and zodiac sign. - About You

Select your relationship status (never married, divorced, widowed, etc.), occupation, salary (not required!), and the number of children you have. - Job, salary, kids

Now for your habits: How often (if at all!) do you drink, smoke and exercise. Also, select any sports you play. - Smoke, drink, excercise

Select the education level you’ve completed, your languages spoken and ethnicity. - Education, languages, ethnicity

Now more personal questions: religion, political persuasion, and charity givings. Also, your spending habits (that last question being asked about what to do with an unexpected bonus). - Religion, politics, charity

Select what kinds of movies you like. - Favorite movie genres

Choose what you consider a great getaway destination (or that you would rather stay at home if you had 2 weeks off!) - Vacation question

Add some local bars, coffee shops, restaurants, or other places you like to spend your time at. Also, what are your thoughts regarding pets? profile: Local hot spots; pets

Indicate your interests, hobbies and favourite books you’ve read. profile - Interests and hobbies

At this point you’ve completed most of what there is to say about you. It’s time to talk about what you’re looking for in a match — What type of person are you seeking?

The first question regarding a potential mate is regarding physical characteristics. - Physical characteristics of perfect match

If you have a preference on the education level achieved of your match, you can enter that. Also indicate any preferences for languages spoken by a potential partner. - Potential date - education and languages spoken

You then have the option to indicate any religious or ethnicity preferences. - About your match: ethnicity and religion

The “Relationship Status” question allows you to indicate whether are only looking to date those who are single-never-married (for example). Also, whether your match can have kids already – or wants kids. Children are definitely a deal-break issue for many. - About your date: relationship status, kids, etc.

Next up in the amount of drinking and smoking that you would entertain in your partner. Also, if you’re super specific on a match making a certain amount of money, here’s your chance to indicate that.


Back to your dating profile: Your profile headline is what usually shows in the search results as well as on your profile. Consider it a short attention grabber. Think about something that really reflects who you are and what you’re about. It’s usually a good indicator of whether someone it creative, funny, quirky, etc. - Profile headline

Now, you have the space to really describe yourself and the type of person you’re looking to meet. Don’t treat this section lightly. This is where your profile can stand out among the rest – and how others can really get a feel for what you’re all about. - Who you are and who you're looking to meet

Your written profile is now more-or-less complete, and you have the opportunity to upload photos (which you *really* should if you expect to meet anyone). says profile with photos receive 15 times more ‘attention’. As you can see below, you can upload photos from your computer or directly from your Facebook account. You can upload up to 26 photos to your profile! - Profile photo upload

That concludes filling our your base profile. It won’t be live on the site until it’s reviewed by staff. Once it’s deemed ‘ok’, it will appear live on the site and you will be notified of such by email.

At this point, you can also answer an optional short image-based quiz to help give you better matches.

Who do you feel is the most attractive, of these celebrities? Quiz - Attractive faces

Which body figure do you find most attractive? Quiz: Attractive figures

Which face shape do you find most attractive? Quiz: Attractive face shape

Which body part catches your eye the most? Quiz: Attractive body parts

What hairstyle do you find most attractive? Quiz: Attractive hairstyle

What clothing style do you feel your ideal match would have? Quiz: Attractive clothing style

Which of these body ‘accessories’ do you notice? Quiz: Noticeable features

Which of these ‘looks’ do you find sexiest? Quiz: Which is sexiest?

Which of these voices are you most attracted to (you click each to hear a short audio clip)? Quiz: Attractive voice

Which of these types of people do you gravitate towards? Quiz: Type of person gravitate towards

Which of these types of people do you *wish* you gravitated towards? Quiz: Person wished was attracted to

What can you do as a couple to become closer? Which of these represents that best? Quiz: Things to do that bring couples together

A great date involves… Quiz: Great date idea

What type of drink would your partner order – that you find attractive? Quiz: Type of drink your date orders

So, I sign up for free by creating my profile – What types of search options are there?

You have a more than a few options for how to search other dating profiles. This is one thing does quite well, compared to a lot of online dating sites.

First up is your regular Search. On the left side of the screen you can select categories and select options to refine your search. As shown, you can also choose “Online Now” and “Available for Chat”. A username search box is also available. - Search Results

Mutual Match is likely the most powerful of the search tabs. It shows people who you indicated meet your criteria WHO ALSO have indicated your profile meets their criteria. - Mutual match search results

Reverse Match shows profiles of those whose criteria matches your profile (i.e. you will show up in their search results!). - Reverse search results

The Datespark screen is a bit different than the others. It shows members who have proposed types of dates. If those dates interest you, you can get in touch! search results - DateSpark

Ok, I perform a search and click on a profile, what do I see?

Dating profiles on have four tabs, as shown below.

The primary profile view, starts by listing what many consider the most important (or “deal breaker”) type items (such as marriage status, whether they have kids, whether they want kids, smoking/drinking habits, etc.). Accompanying that, listed are a few items that you and this person have in common (e.g. “You both love to travel”).

Beyond that, a fully open written section lets the person describe in writing about themselves and the type of person they are looking for. Below that are a listed set of interests. Items highlighted in yellow show where you and the profile match up.

Finishing off the profile is a direct comparison of characteristics of the person and the type of person they are looking for (appearance, lifestyle, background/values). Again, yellow highlighted items indicate how you fit the criteria of the person this profile is seeking.

To me, it’s a great layout to instantly see how you and this person match up. Profile - Answers

The second tab shows all the photos this person has posted. allows you to post up to 26 photos to your profile! For each photo, one can comment directly relating to that photo. Profile - Photos

The ‘coming soon’ Q&A section, I’m guessing, will be much like that of OKCupid (who is now owned by the same company as These questions will help further refine matches and compatibility. Profile - Q&A

The final tab shows the messages that you and this profile have exchanged. Sometimes a person will change the photos in their profile and you may not recognize it as being someone you conversed with in the past. You have a tab here to find out just that! Profile - Correspondence History

We’ll be adding more to our review shortly. In the meantime, I hope the above has helped you make a decision as to whether to give a try! Definitely let us know about your experiences with in the comments below – Thanks!

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    I cant figure out how to change my profile name, it doesn’t give me the option in the settings. Please help!

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    I have hit the like sign, but cannot reply to the person who wants to get in touch with me, other than paying to text r call. How do I contact them w/o paying a fee?


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