Match: What Can You Do For Free?

Inquiring singles want to know: When you sign up for Match, and don’t pay for a subscription, what can you do?

The below is what you can do for free on Match:

  • Create a full profile (and appear in search results)
  • Search profiles
  • Send “likes”
  • Receive match suggestions

So, you can get on the service and create your profile, upload photos, search other profiles — all that, for however long you want. If you’re waiting for more compatible singles to join Match before you pay, you can totally do that (and that makes sense).

To expand on what this means for messaging, without payment you cannot read messages (or even know who messaged you). The same goes for “likes” — you don’t know who “liked” you. And, of course, you cannot send messages.

That said, there are exceptions to this. What?

How does free messaging work on Match?

Under the “Discover” section on Match, you’re shown members that are deemed good matches for you. You then “Skip” or “Like” each individually. For some of those, you’ll see a “Top Pick” label. Those marked “Top Pick” you can send a message to free of charge.

Of note, we’ve also seen other profiles in “Discover” that you can message for free, but it indicates you only get one such message. Likewise, you can sometimes reply to certain messages free of charge. These are usually referred to as your “best recommendations.”

So, keep an eye on your “Discover” tab – and to the emails that Match sends you, to find out who you can message for free. All that said, if you are serious about meeting someone, a paid membership is likely the best option.

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