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OKCupid’s A-List Discount

How long does it take OKCupid to offer a discount on their “A-List” upgrade paid feature? Turns out, barely more than 24 hours after you sign up for your account you can get a 20% discount on your A-List purchase.
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It’s a known item that online dating sites will eventually offer you a discounted membership, if you keep your profile active and don’t subscribe. Your discounted membership fee is better than no payment at all, they feel. For eHarmony, the discount can get to at least 83% it seems.

What about
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How Often Does eHarmony Send Email?

If you’ve ever signed up with eHarmony then you’ll be familiar with the amount of email they send to you once they have your email address. I had an account on eHarmony likely around 5+ years ago. There was a time I paid for a membership with them (so, I suppose, I’m somewhat of a ‘quality’ lead still – i.e. I’ve paid them in the past), but haven’t had an active profile with them in years (again, likely 5+ years). There was a time span when I didn’t hear much from eHarmony, but then they started turning on the email tap to those accounts I’d consider ‘inactive’, it seems.
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