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eHarmony Questionnaire is to Become Optional

I first read about eHarmony‘s upcoming major changes on TechCrunch. The largest of the announcements was that the looooooooong questionnaire will become optional.
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eHarmony Retargeting: If You Don’t Finish Questionnaire

I proceeded through the eHarmony questionnaire the other day, which I was actually really impressed with. It’s no longer a long list of boring pull-downs, but instead a one-question-per-page-click-your-answer style. It’s visual, and seems shorter as well (20-30 minutes to take?). Also, you can quit at any time and continue on where you left off (not sure if the ‘old’ questionnaire let you do that).

Regardless, what I wanted to talk about here was eHarmony’s retargeting efforts. Oddly, I did complete the questionnaire (and logged into my account multiple times) so this retargeting effort is a bit incorrect (i.e. “complete questionnaire” call to action).
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How Often Does eHarmony Send Email?

If you’ve ever signed up with eHarmony then you’ll be familiar with the amount of email they send to you once they have your email address. I had an account on eHarmony likely around 5+ years ago. There was a time I paid for a membership with them (so, I suppose, I’m somewhat of a ‘quality’ lead still – i.e. I’ve paid them in the past), but haven’t had an active profile with them in years (again, likely 5+ years). There was a time span when I didn’t hear much from eHarmony, but then they started turning on the email tap to those accounts I’d consider ‘inactive’, it seems.
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eHarmony Manipulating the Google Algorithm

Ahhh, one of “the Major” online dating services, eHarmony, apparently likes to help their (formerly) owned sites manipulate the Google algorithm. How? Check out the “Some sites we like” listing near the bottom-right of the eHarmony Advice posts:
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