How Often Does eHarmony Send Email?

If you’ve ever signed up with eHarmony then you’ll be familiar with the amount of email they send to you once they have your email address. I had an account on eHarmony likely around 5+ years ago. There was a time I paid for a membership with them (so, I suppose, I’m somewhat of a ‘quality’ lead still – i.e. I’ve paid them in the past), but haven’t had an active profile with them in years (again, likely 5+ years). There was a time span when I didn’t hear much from eHarmony, but then they started turning on the email tap to those accounts I’d consider ‘inactive’, it seems.

The mix of email messages from eHarmony includes:

  • New potential matches notifications;
  • Match activity notifications (Match x has added a new photo!);
  • Financial incentive ‘win backs’ — i.e. $x or x% off membership plans;
  • Reminders of the above-mentioned discount offers;
  • “Communicate free” limited time offers — which, I assume, doesn’t (as in the past) include viewing members photos;
  • Newsletter/Advice emails;
  • … and more.

Subject lines are switched up – as are offers – as you would imagine. So, how often does an inactive “member” like myself receive email from eHarmony? It seems, between all the various types of communication pieces they send, an email from eHarmony is recevied at least once every 2 days — sometimes twice a day (different communication pieces).

Right now, my “inactive” account is up to a possible 83% discount off an eHarmony membership plan. I assume this is the best “win-back” offer they have.

Below is a sampling of the eHarmony emails recevied:

eHarmony Emails

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