Tinder Profile Tip for Guys

What do women look at most when browsing Tinder profiles? Appearance (shocking!), and then style.

So, guys, what should you be doing – photo-wise – on your Tinder profile? A video put out by GQ that watches women browse Tinder profiles of men (embedded below) provides some insight.

Based on the video, here are a list of Tinder profile tips for guys, in terms of things to avoid:

  • the ‘selfie’ (including the ‘gym selfie’)
  • other women in the photos, even if cropped out
  • showing off your ‘ripped’ abs (yep, shirt on please)
  • children (and for more than the reason of ‘I don’t want kids’ — many feel children should not be ‘exposed’ on a dating service)
  • group photos (especially as your first photo — which one are you?)
  • photos with a hat (yep, they’ll wonder how much hair you have!)
  • unclear/strange/scary photos

Watch for yourself:

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