eHarmony Manipulating the Google Algorithm

Ahhh, one of “the Major” online dating services, eHarmony, apparently likes to help their (formerly) owned sites manipulate the Google algorithm. How? Check out the “Some sites we like” listing near the bottom-right of the eHarmony Advice posts:

eHarmony Paid Links

You see, if they weren’t trying to manipulate the Google algorithm (as much) they would simply link to the homepages of said sites using the site brand names. Instead they’ve linked to (mostly) sub pages (specific articles and such) and with descriptive anchor text.

All that said, according to this post, eHarmony sold each of these linked to sites years ago — but I guess the links remain.

At one point, at least, they were leveraging the eHarmony Goog-Juice to improve the rankings of posts on their other owned brands.

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