The UK Dating Awards: How Not to Do It

Have you heard? There’s a new online dating awards! Sure, these awards have been done before (with “nominations” being somewhat of a joke and YouTube-spamming affiliates (account now “terminated”!) somehow presenting awards), but there’s a new group in town now. Well, if your town is in the UK at least.

Enter the UK Dating Awards!

The best part of these “awards”? If you want to be nominated (or nominate anyone), you’ll have to pay a fee. The price of a nomination entry depends on the category, but some of them aren’t cheap.

What is the reason for this? “We have to pay for the awards somehow,” is basically the response.

So, hey, these should be some quality awards – with really deserving, err paying, sites picking up some hardware! These awards were “designed with consumer interests as our first and foremost concern” afterall (cough).

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